Seven Mistakes That Can Cause Orthopedic Health Problems

12 November 2021
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Many orthopedic injuries are preventable. If you know the mistakes you need to avoid so that you avoid orthopedic injuries, you can keep yourself healthier. The following are seven mistakes to avoid that can cause orthopedic health problems. Failing to use proper technique when lifting heavy items Back problems are among the most common reasons why patients begin seeing orthopedic physicians. If you are engaged in heavy lifting regularly as part of your job, you need to learn proper lifting techniques to keep your back in good shape. Read More 

Runners, See A Sports Medicine Doctor For Preventative Care

26 July 2021
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Most runners don't see a sports medicine doctor until they are dealing with an injury or ongoing pain. And this is the right thing to do if you are injured; sports medicine doctors can diagnose and treat most running injuries. However, there is also another approach you can take. You could also start seeing a sports medicine doctor before you are injured, for preventative care purposes. Here are some services sports medicine doctors tend to offer in order to reduce your risk of injuries as a runner. Read More 

Follow This Advice As You Begin Wearing Your Orthotics

5 March 2021
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Orthotics are one of the simplest and most affordable solutions for many foot problems. They can ease pressure on bunions, help relieve your arches when you have plantar fasciitis, and so much more! However, there does tend to be a small learning curve as you start to use orthotics. If you want to save yourself a few headaches (or, actually, foot aches), then here's some basic advice to follow as you begin using your orthotics. Read More