Orthopedic Conditions Related to Ice Skating Injuries

20 December 2016
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Ice skating–even if for recreation–can result in injuries with reports showing that medical professionals treat more than 50,000 injuries related to ice skating each year. The sport stresses muscles, joints, and bones, which can lead to both minor and serious injuries. In addition to the risk of muscle strains and tears, skating can cause ankle pain and tendinitis, fractures, and other fall injuries to the wrists, forearms, and knees. Since you may need to see an orthopedist for treatment for pain or injury related to ice skating, it helps to be aware of the types of injuries that can occur as well as what causes them. Read More 

Tips For Strengthening Your Core With Orthopedic Support

7 August 2016
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Your back is the core that supports your entire body, so it does a lot of work. It regulates your body movement, which makes it an important part of your body's structure. Because of its role, any back injuries or strain you suffer can interfere with your daily activities. As a result, you should think about working with an orthopedic specialist to preserve your back muscles and condition. Here are a few exercises you can do on a regular basis to help preserve your back muscles and minimize the risk of injury. Read More 

The Arthroscopic Repair Of Torn Knee Cartilage

12 February 2016
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You took a bad hit to your knee during your neighborhood soccer match. The orthopedic service at the emergency room says you have a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). These cartilage tears are a common sports injury. Luckily for you, arthroscopic surgery has become a common procedure for repairing these types of knee injuries. This is a much less invasive surgery than traditional knee surgery with fewer risks of side effects. Read More